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"Use our featured items to best advantage"

* When on the Home page you may click on a feature item to view details pertaining to that  item, also go to the bottom of the detail page to see if additional items by that supplier are shown. If so, the banner will say, You might also like. Items shown below the feature item will have additional detail pages as indicated.

1) Magnetic Real Estate Calendar: Punch out the center portion of the magnet , peel off the protector and attach your business card to the calendar. This calendar mails for one stamp without the magnet punch out. Attach your business card to the punch out and presto, you have a business card magnet. Two promotional items for the price of one. Because this item is personalized with your ad by adding your business card, and not custom imprinted, your order for these calendars can be divided among all the office agents. So check with your fellow agents and order enough for everyone. This is absolutely a best buy. You might also like

2) Business Card Magnet: Great as an envelope stuffer. Adheres to refrigerators, file cabinets, a constant reminder of service at the ready. Many agents use matching imprint motifs and photos on their business card magnets and car magnetic signs. You might also like

3) House Shaped Key Holder: Perfect for real estate agents. Easy to mail. Place all the house keys on them at closing. How appropriate.

4) State Cookbooks: Forty-seven states and New England. A great gift at closings and at presentations. Full color imprint on the front can even include your photo. Give them to schools and organizations to be sold as a fundraiser. You might also like

5) Home Buyer Tips and Mortgage Calculator Pocket Side Guide: An absolute necessity for every active agent. Fits a #10 envelope perfectly. Helps your buyers and sellers with timely, much needed information. High visibility imprint area.   You might also like

6) Real Estate Door Hanger: An Insert pocket for your business card. Purchase blank business card templates at your local office supply. Use your computer software to compose a photo ad for your new listing including  "Please help us find your new neighbor." Place the card in the doorhanger and employ a youngster to put them on all doors in the new listing's sub-division. These door hangers are imprinted in full color on both sides. Plenty of room for your photo and contact info. Maybe your broker wants to co-op the cost and place the brokerage ad on the back. 

7) Magnetic Car Signs: 24" x 12": The ideal size to fit your automobile. Double or triple your exposer. Have your family members place a set of signs on their cars. Promote your photo image and contact information everywhere, at the supermarket, on business calls, when your pick up children at school, even when you go out to eat. The more familiar your image, the greater number prospects that will be influenced. You might also like

8) Photo Plus Mug: A fine gift that can be used for drinking coffee, tea, cocoa, hot totties and even makes a great pencil caddy for the office. Fill it with candy or nuts, wrap it with clear wrap and tie it off with a pretty ribbon. Wonderful for Christmas, closings, birthdays etc.

9) Econorama + Pen: White barrel with your choice of ten different trim colors. It will match any brokerage color scheme. Two color imprint available. Just ask. Use this pen for your general give aways. Definitely a "Best Buy."

10) Photo Plus Colorama Pen ;  Photo Plus Grip-Write Pen:  Photo Plus Headliner Pen: Three different sizes and price ranges. All with your photo image and contact information. Use the low cost Photo Plus Colorama Pen for general give aways, use one of the other two more substantial pens for clients and closings.

11) Process Savers - Full Color Folders: Quantity minimums indicate this may be a feature item ideal for broker consideration. Your broker may want to provide this beautiful folder for use on listing and buyer presentations and at closings. A real Image Builder!

12) Budget Cutters - Economical Foil Stamped Folders: A touch of class, a touch of foil. Available in quantities as few as 50 folders.

13) Parker Jotter Pen: This famous Parker Jotter ballpoint pen has been a leader for decades. Use them when you are determined to impress your clients and prospects. They last for years. Search keyword Parker to see greater selection.

14) Real Estate Flyer: Our featured Full Color flyers. Imprinted in full color and both sides. Advertise one, two, three or four listings on one side, promote yourself and your brokerage office on the other side. Perhaps your broker will co-op the cost of this promotion. Distribute flyers to other agents, bulletin boards in supermarkets, schools, government offices, hand them out wherever you go. Your listing clients will be very impressed, (retain listings.) Dynamite!

15) Windsor Reflections Presentation Folio: Insure organization for listing and buyer presentations. Available in black or blue. It even includes a three ring binder.

16) House Shaped, Real Estate Memo Board: These magnetic, write-on/wipe off memo provide high viability on a client's refrigerator or in an office. It's functionality insure your image exposure. Imprinted in full color on both sides. Why not have the back side imprinted with community information and emergency numbers.

17) Forget-Me-Not flower Seed Packet: Low, low cost. The perfect envelope stuffer. Insert in your presentation folder pocket. Imprinted with your message and contact information

18) Real Estate Hand Fan: Printed in full color on both sides. Use them at town meetings, school meetings, anywhere the atmosphere may get heated. Lots of imprint area. Print your photo and contact info on one side, community info on the other.

19) Soft-Touch Vinyl Key Tag: Available in many, many colors. Search keyword Quikey  and select description also to see zillons of shapes. The famous Quikey line has hundred of shapes available. and many, many color combinations to suit any promotion.

20) Dove Creek Laptop Briefcase: Especially for you, ladies. If you dress to the nines for your business appointments, this supple leather briefcase is for you. Available in four colors. Go organized. Go in style. You might also like

21) Thunder River Camera Case: Available in three colors. Organize and protect your camera equipment for listing calls. You might also like

22) Glacier Canyon Slim-Line Briefcase:
Another 100% full grain buffed leather briefcase to keep you organized and looking good!             You might also like

23) Embroidered Patches" 100% embroidered:  
Available with heat seal backing. Add them to your shirts and hats to promote your your image at meetings, sports events and when making presentations.

24) Silk Screened Polyester Lanyard:
Select the clip attachment of your choice. Securely attach your safety whistle, keys, ID card or badge.

25) Cloisonne Hard Enamel Pin:
All brokerages should have our featured image lapel pins. Promote unity and pride among your agents.

26) Thanksgiving Day Cards: 
Thanksgiving day is America's second most celebrated holiday. A great opportunity to show your goodwill to clients and friends. You will generate referrals with continual contact. Search  Keyword   Thanksgiving for greater selection.

27) Christmas Cards - Collection: It goes withThe Deerfield out saying that all of your friends and clients will appreciate your well wishes on this  favorite and traditional holiday. Search  Keyword Christmas Cards for greater selection.

28) Pewter Christmas Tree Ornaments: These elegant ornaments are easy to mail, durable and carry your discrete image imprint. A gift with continuity. Give them in series, a different one each year. You may be suprised at the thank you letters that you will receive.

29) Motivation Wall Calendar,  Old Farmers Almanac Recipe Wall Calendar, Inspiration Wall Calendar: A beautiful, low cost reminder of your goodwill and concern lasting all year. You will receive request for new calendars from your clients each year. See the greater selection offered at the bottom of the featured item detail page. You might also like

30) Bic Worthington Collection - Ballpoint pens:
 Do you remember the Bic Stic Pens TV ads of many years ago. The pen's toughness was shown  by using the pens as an electric drill bit. Well, they have come a long way since then. Check out these elegant Bic pens just right for your prestigious clients and contacts. Click on "Product Catalog" at the top of this page to get the link to the entire "Bic Graphics" line.

31) Wooden Shaft and Handle Golf Umbrella, Golf Umbrella - Fiberglass Shaft, Golf Umbrella with Full Color Imprint: 
These custom imprinted umbrellas are available in small quantities or large. One of them even offers a full color imprint. Keep you real estate clients dry and happy. For promotional purposes, give umbrellas to restaurants, beauty salons, hotel bellmen, schools, give them to businesses and organizations that need them to protect their patrons. 

32) Acrylic Key Tag with Carabiner Clip:
 Available with full color imprint on both sides. A small uncharge permits a different full color imprint on the back side. Perhaps agent and broker can co-op the cost of this item with shared  imprint space and cost in in proportion to commission split.  

33) Fire Safety Coloring and Activity Book:
A great "Good Will Builder." Distribute this to first grade classes in schools and chrurches. Leave it on listing calls and buyer interviews. Every young child needs to use this safety tool.

34) 2 oz. Hand Sanitizer: Help beat the H1N1 virus. Swine flu is on everyone's mind. A great full color advertising platform. A timely tool.

35) Legal Size Portfolios: 
Ideal for the legal size documents generated at your closings. Organize your cilents closing documents and present them in a long lasting protfolio that will please your client. A great image builder that will generate referrals.

36) Lowest Cost Pocket Folder: 
Keep the cost down! This economy folder can be inprinted in one or two colors. Great for presentations!

37) 4-Port USB Hub: 
Needed by everyone. A constant promoter of your image. Easy to mail. Clients will love this gift.

38) House Shaped Mouse Pad: From the maker of famous Bic Pens. Stock full color house imprint with your contact information overprint. This promotional item will get daily use and image exposure. Click on "Products" at the top of this page to see the entire, huge Bic Graphics Line.

39) USB Flash Drives: A fabulous gift and promotional tool. Load it with MLS listings and use it to present homes to buyers. Mail it, deliver it on presentation calls. A great way to deliver a presentation on your "New Homes Subdivision" listing. The supplier will even load it for you. The recipient will use it for years. Order the size that meets your goals. 1/2 GB, 1GB, 2GB or 4GB. A very long lasting image promoting gift.  You might also like   

KEEP IN MIND that promotional items can be used by you to promote public organizations and events in your community. Schools, churches, town meetings, parades, festivals, graduations, fire safety, crime reduction even getting out the vote. These efforts are to your great benefit from the standpoint of your recognition and image. It's just good business!

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."