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NATIONAL REAL ESTATE LOGOS:  If your logo is not pictured here, upload a copy with your order. We will do our best to work with it. You will receive a proof before production and shipment.  Please remember, a modest amount of text along with your logo will provide the most pleasing and legible graphic image effect.  Logos in two or more colors can only be printed on promotional items accepting two, three or full color imprint. Our featured items which offer full color imprint include Magnetic Car Signs and Business Cards, Real Estate Flyers, Memo boards, Hand Fans, the Clear Vu Acrylic Key Tag and State Cookbooks. The Photo Plus Pens and Mug offer two color imprint and logo reproduction in addition to a full color photo reproduction. The Colorama + Pen offers two color imprint without extra charge.  One color logos or black may be used on other items. Not all promotional items have imprint ares large enough to accommodate a logo imprint large enough to be readily legible.  No doubt you will find hundreds, if not thousands of items in the "Product Catalog" search of some 375,00 items available which accept multicolor imprint.  Do you have a question about logos? Just  email us at

Privacy Policy: through its' web site collects only that information provided by its' customers for the purpose of processing and fulfilling customers orders. We do not sell, rent or share customer information with other parties except that needed for use in order processing. Customer orders are transmitted via industry-shared secure methods. When you create your customer account with us, your information and password are stored in a secure manner.

Order Information:
Orders may be placed online at through our secure order processing system. Orders will be shipped as promptly as possible. We will send a proof of imprint copy as soon as the copy is prepared. Upon our receipt of your approval of proof your order will be released for final production and shipment. We do not feature rush service, however, we shall always make every effort to process and ship your order promptly. We truly appreciate your business.

Payment: accepts online payment at the time your order is placed. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We can accept check or money order but some delay in order processing may occur. Because ImageBuilderAds products are custom, all sales are final and non-refundable. Please re-check your order carefully before submitting. For any question and support please email

National Logos:
National logs are available as shown above. They are also available in black. These logs can be reproduced on most custom imprinted promotional items. When selecting an item to be ordered always check the "options" button and the order details to determine if the manufacturer imposes a charge for logo reproduction.

Custom Logos:
Custom logos are acceptable in most cases. It is important that your logo be a size and configuration to fit the imprint area of the item to be ordered. Please submit your logo electronically when you order. Oversized rather than undersized as the quality of the logo typically improves in resolution as it is reduced. Logos may also be submitted as an e-mail attachment addressed to Make sure that any such submissions are adequately identified. We may need to vectorize you logo allowing it to be reproduced for imprinting. If so, an additional charge of $15.00 to $25.00 may be incurred.We will notify you if this is needed.

Photos submitted should be original. We can not use copies from business cards, photos printed on a desktop printer etc. Always try to submit your photo in a size larger than that which will be printed on the item ordered. Reduction of the photo rather than enlargement will improve quality when printed. Minor variations in color may occur when transferring your color photo or art to digital image. These variations are deemed acceptable industry wide. Exact color match is expensive and time consuming.

To Save a Photo on Your Computer:
First import your photo into the computer using a scanner, a camera (or camera memory card) or from a photo CD. (Many stores such as Wal-Mart, most drug stores or Kinko's will put your photo on a CD for a very low price.) When the photo is on your screen, click on the word "file" in the upper left of your screen, scroll down to "save as", give the photo a name and save it on your desktop or in a folder on your hard drive. (Remember where you saved it.) Also, when the "save as" box appears, look for "save as type" at the bottom and from the list that appears select JEPG or JPG.

Internet Graphics:
Graphics downloaded from web sites have low resolution, usually 72 DPI, dots per inch, (pixels). At least 300 DPI is needed to meet acceptable standards in printing. Occasionally even 600 DPI is needed. Web graphics are typically not acceptable for reproduction and printing on promotional items.

General art requirements and common industry imprinting terms associated with ordering promotional products:

For Vector Artwork:
Adobe Illustrator EPS, AL or PDF files.
We do not accept Corel Draw or Quark Express.

For Raster Artwork:
Adobe Photoshop PSD. JPEG, TIFF, or GIF files are accepted.
We recommend that raster files are at least 300 dpi to assure quality printing.
We will not be responsible for the quality of printing from low quality artwork.

Artwork can be uploaded when placing your order. It can also be submitted to

Common Industry Terms:
Screen Printing: An image is transferred to the printed surface by ink, which is pressed through a stenciled screen and treated with light-sensitive emulsion.Film positives are put in contact with the screens and exposed to light, hardening the emulsion not covered by film and leaving a soft area on the screen for the squeegee to press ink through. (Also called silk screening)

Pad Printing: A recessed surface is covered with ink. The plate is wiped clean, leaving ink in the recessed areas. A silicone pad is then pressed against the plate, pulling the ink out of the recesses, and pressing it directly onto the product.

4-Color Process: A system where a color image is separated into 4 different color values by the use of of filters and screens (usually done digitally). The result is a color separation of 4 images, that when transferred to printing plates and printed on a printing press with the colored inks cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow and black, reproduces the original color image, These four colors can be combines to create thousands of colors.

Pantone Matching System (PMS): A book of standardized color in a fan format used to identify, match and communicate colors in order to produce accurate color matches in printing. Each color has a coded number indicating instructions for mixing inks to achieve that color.

Camera-Ready: Artwork that is black and white with very clean, crisp lines that make it easy to scan & suitable for photographic reproduction.

Bleed: Printers cannot print right to the edge of a paper sheet. To create that effect, the printer must use a sheet is larger than the document size. Then the printer prints beyond the edge of the document size (usually 1/8"), the cuts the paper down to the document size.

Imprint area: The area on the product with specific dimensions in which the imprint is placed.

Paper Proof: Impression of type or artwork on paper so that correctness and quality of the material to be printed can be checked. The least expensive is a regular black and white faxed paper proof. Electronic Proof:  Proof sent electronically by email.  Pre-production Proof: an actual physical sample of the product itself produced and sent for approval before an order goes into production.

Exact Rerun: Usually there is no set up charge on exact reruns of an order.

Etching: Using a process in which an image is first covered with a protective coating that resists acid, then exposed, leaving bare metal and protected metal. The acid attacks only the exposed metal, leaving the image etched into the surface.

Engraving: Cutting an image into the metal, wood or glass by one of three methods - computerized engraving, had tracing, or hand engraving.

Colorfill Vinyl: Screen printing an image and then the debossing it into the vinyl's surface.

Colorfill Metal: Filling recessed areas of stamped  or engraved metal with enamels or colored epoxy.

Embroidery: Stitching a design into fabric through the use of high-speed computer-controlled sewing machines. Artwork must first be "digitized," which is the specialized process of converting two-dimensional artwork into stitches of thread. A particular format of art such as a jpeg, tif or bmp, cannot be converted into an embroidery tape. The digitizer must actually recreate the artwork using stitches. Then it programs the sewing machine to sew a specific design, in a specific color, with a specific type of stitch. This process is called digitizing.

Debossing: Depressing an image into a material's surface so that the image sits below the product surface.

Embossing: Impressing and image in relief to achieve a raised surface.

Hot Stamp: Setting a design on a relief die, which is then heated and pressed onto the printing surface.

Laser or Foil Stamp: Applying metallic or colored foil imprints to vinyl, leather or paper surfaces.

Personalization: Imprinting an item with a person's name using one of the several methods such as engraving, laser engraving, hot stamping, debossing, sublimation, or screen printing to name a few .

Die-casting: Injecting molten  metal into the cavity of a carved die (a mold).

Die-Striking: Producing emblems and other flat promotional products by striking a blank metal sheet with a hammer that holds the die.

         "Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it.
                     Autograph your work with excellence"


Do you have a Caricature of your self?

There are so many ways to use your caricature to promote your Image and build your business. How about a Christmas card with caricatures of your fellow agents or your office staff. Imagine a caricature of you and your teammates or your sales partner displaying a copy of your real estate sign or standing beside your car bearing a magnetic car sign emblazoned with your photo and contact information.  There are endless possibilities for applying your caricature. Imprinted on coffee mugs, ballpoint pens, sales flyers, vinyl rulers, business cards, postcards, business card magnets, stationary, magnetic car signs, almost anything that will accommodate your photo can also accommodate your caricature.  Just store your caricature on your computer and forward a copy to when you want to have it imprinted on a promotional item. If you don't have a caricature, you might try  for lower prices, innovative art and reasonable turn around time.
Dave caricature
Remax card
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