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 Foil Colors

FC Metallic and Non-Metallic NOTE: Due to the translucency of non-metallic foils, the color may vary slightly on dark colored stock.

We can order custom and special effect foil colors. In preparing artwork, avoid type smaller than 8 pt., screens, very fine lines and tight, intricate detail which can cause the foil to plug. We'll be glad to review your copy and make suggestions prior to submitting. Please call for an estimate when combining foil stamping with embossing or printing.

Metallic Bronze
Metallic Bronze (MFBz Metallic Foils)
Metallic Lime
Metallic Lime (MFL Metallic Foils)
Metallic Pewter
Metallic Pewter (MFPw Metallic Foil)
Metallic Treasure
Metallic Treasure (MFTR Metallic Foils)
Metallic Gold
Metallic Gold (MFGo Metallic Foils)
Metallic Brass
Metallic Brass (MFBr Metallic Foils)
Metallic Copper
Metallic Copper (MFCp Metallic Foils)
Metallic Silver
Metallic Silver (MFS Metallic Foils)
Metallic Platinum
Metallic Platinum (MFPl Metallic Foils)
Metallic Green
Metallic Green (MFGr Metallic Foils)
Metallic Teal
Metallic Teal (MFT Metallic Foils)
Metallic Blue
Metallic Blue (MFBl Metallic Foils)
Metallic Saphire
Metallic Saphire (MFSA Metallic Foils)
Metallic Apple
Metallic Apple (MFAp Metallic Foils)
Non-Metallic Black
Non-Metallic Black (NFBk Non-Metallic Foils)
Non-Metallic White
Non-Metallic White (NFW Non-Metallic Foils)
Non-Metallic Blue
Non-Metallic Blue (NFBl Non-Metallic Foils)
Non-Metallic Pine
Non-Metallic Pine (NFPn Non-Metallic Foils)
Non-Metallic Burgundy
Non-Metallic Burgundy (NFBr Non-Metallic Foils)
Non-Metallic Red
Non-Metallic Red (NFRd Non-Metallic Foils)