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 Standard Imprint Colors

Chart A We offer the following Pantone colors as standard on all products featured in the calalog. Color match charges will bw waived if one of the following PMS colors is specified on the order.

*For additional colors see pricing below.

 Price: $0.08 Each  (G)

Black (Black)
Blue (PMS2738)
Blue (PMS280)
Blue (PMS285)
Blue (PMS286)
Blue (PMS287)
Blue (PMS293)
Blue (PMS299)
Blue (PMS300)
Blue (PMS540)
Burgundy (PMS202)
Gray (PMS422)
Gray (PMS428)
Gray (PMS429)
Green (PMS343)
Green (PMS347)
Green (PMS348)
Maroon (PMS222)
Orange (PMS021)
Orange (PMS151)
Orange (PMS165)
Purple (PMS253)
Purple (PMS2593)
Purple (PMS274)
Red (PMS185)
Red (PMS186)
Red (PMS194)
Red (PMS199)
Red (PMS485)
Reflex Blue (Reflex Blue)
Teal (PMS320)
White (White)
Yellow (PMS102)
Yellow (PMS109)
Yellow (PMS116)
Yellow (PMS123)
Yellow (PMS137)
Metallic Gold (Metallic Gold)
Metallic Silver (Metallic Silver)
Color Match (Color Match)

 Setup Charge:   $20.00 Each (G)